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What drives us

Pushing boundaries 💪🏼

Everything we do, how we do it and the things that bring us inspiration and joy are all derived from our core values. Just look at our work method. We keep innovating by consistently challenging ourselves and our clients to push boundaries and think outside the box of existing solutions. We simply roll up our sleeves and get things done! In this manner, you not only contribute to the world of education, but also to your personal and professional development and that of your colleagues.

It's the journey that counts

Although we take our work and the quality we deliver very seriously, the same cannot be said about our view on life. We love structure and processes as much as flexibility and freedom. We are driven to achieve our goals but believe the journey leading there is more important. We believe the only way to realize our ambitions is through pleasant collaboration and by helping and coaching each other.

Our core values

We also allow everyone to be who they are. In fact, we want you to be absolutely genuine and authentic. After all, our differences - in our personalities, talents, stories, backgrounds and professional experience - are what make our team and bring out the best in each of us.

We challenge

To think further

Enabling the ultimate learning experience requires unrivaled innovation and execution. That’s why we Drieam big and don’t settle (easily). In everything we do, we think further than the ‘what’s possible’ in order to exceed the expectations of our customers and colleagues.

We get things done

To realize Drieams

With our entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic approach, we deliver. Rolling up our sleeves to make it happen is a given. Through commitment and ownership we find solutions. Because all we do, is done with the utmost care.

We are genuine

To ourselves and others

Drieamers dare to be themselves. We embrace true, authentic people and give each other the freedom to explore. It’s the difference in personalities that brings color to our work. These true colors are what unites us towards our common goals.

We help each other

To flourish

Above all, we’re a team. We always go for win-win situations and share successes (and learn from failures) together. We have each others’ back, show up for one another and give & accept help. We work with a bunch of great individuals, but it’s through teamwork that we achieve greatness.