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Working at Drieam

Our impact is only matched by our ambition

At Drieam, our mission is to overhaul the global world of education with digital innovations. Ambitious? Absolutely! Yet this mission is one we - and our clients - have absolute faith in. There is a reason why we have grown from our humble beginnings as a three-person startup in 2014 to a market leader in educational technology with over fifty highly driven employees and more than 150 clients. These days, our solutions are used all over the world.

Contribute to the education of tomorrow

Just imagine the impact you could have... When you work at Drieam, you give millions of students the reins of their own life-long development - every single day. You also help educational institutions train future-proof professionals. Whether you are an IT or sales professional, an educational scientist or a marketer; Drieam and the future await.