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UX Designer & Solutions Engineer

Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, NetherlandsProduct & Development

Job description

Are you ready to come up with elegant solutions for our customers, by using your analytical and technical problem solving skills? Do you want to put your creative genius to work and revolutionize the way users interact with EdTech software? In that case we have an exciting opportunity for you at our fast paced scale-up. Read on!

Your colleague about working at Drieam

“Solving puzzles and helping our customers the best way we can, by making marvelous software, is what our team is all about. I love working at Drieam, because of the innovation culture, learning culture and simply great atmosphere we have here.”

Koen, Product Owner & UX Designer

A typical day at Drieam

09.00 Daily stand-up with your scrum team

09.15 Making some latte art using our barista setup and having an informal chat with colleagues

09:30 Getting to the core of a problem. You are asked to help customers sell custom study programs with our advanced product Eduframe. As the epic owner of this topic you want to make sure you understand the core of the problem. So you sit together with the customer that is requiring this functionality, to work out their use cases.

11:30 Working session with the UX team. During this session you go over the different epics you are working on, to gather feedback and input from each other.

12.30 Lunch with the team

13:00 Walk through the park. With someone from the sales team, whom you got to know during one of our famous Thursday afternoon drinks.

13:30 Customer success. One of our customers is about to renew their contract with us. They changed their business and are no longer convinced our product is the best for their needs. As a solutions engineer you sit together with them and their customer success manager to write out their needs and how the customer could get more value out of our product(s) without new software development.

15:30 Co-development of the product. A developer who is implementing one of your designs discovered a new unhappy flow. You brainstorm about solutions, create a new issue in the backlog and inform the product owner about it.

16:00 Problem solving. At the end of the day customer experience comes by your desk. A customer has a difficult question about how to organize their product offering. Together with the colleague from customer experience you do intake on the problem and explain a solution to the customer. Based on the question of the customer, you decide to update the documentation of our product.

And tomorrow?
You will work together with product owners, product managers, the customer experience team, the development team and customers to come to the best possible solutions. Which can be UX designs for new features but can also be a proposed change to the customer's working processes, for a better fit with our products. At Drieam we believe in user centered design and getting to the core of things. As a designer and solutions engineer at Drieam, you do not work with off-the-shelf solutions, together with your colleagues, you do intake on problems, refine the problems and define solutions. Which comes with validating and making sure our solutions are adopted in practice as well.

Did you know that Drieam... 

… ... has grown from a small startup to an organization with a highly driven team of almost sixty professionals in just nine years’ time? We have an exceptionally low staff turnover? Almost all our interns want to keep working for us?

That is no surprise, because at Drieam:

  • It is all about you! Tell us what you like, show us what you're good at and what your ambitions are. We will do what we can to take your work pleasure to the next level.

  • You are part of a self-directed team. At the same time, you can depend on clear frameworks and the right coaching and inspiration. 

  • You can be who you are. Our team is made up of many different nationalities and authentic personalities. Can you imagine how inspirational that is?

  • You never have to bring your own food! You get daily healthy lunches and fresh fruit and snacks.

Other perks

  • Twenty-five vacation days for a forty-hour work week. 

  • Time off whenever you want. If you don't care about Christmas, you can come into the office and take a day off when it suits you better.

  • Plenty of flexibility: you are free to choose when to work from home or at the office and how to plan your activities. If you want to leave earlier to pick up your kids from school or take your puppy for a walk, that's fine!

  • A MacBook and other facilities you need to do your job effectively in the office and at home. 

  • A one-year contract to start with the intention of ultimately turning that into an indefinite contract.

  • Various development opportunities. Whatever your learning goals or ambitions are, we will help you realize them, for example, via training and education.

  • An attractive pension scheme for which Drieam bears all the costs.

  • An inspirational workplace at walking distance from Eindhoven's city center.

  • Last but not least: weekly team drinks – although it's fine if you're not up for that – and several outings per year with the entire Drieam team.

Job requirements

This is why you fit perfectly in our Drieam team

You show a high degree of responsibility in your work, you have a positive and open attitude. You are able to deal with uncertainty and are, therefore, able to deal with complex or vague problems: transforming them to concrete information that can be acted upon. Are curious and like to test and try things yourself, to get to the bottom of things. You are eager to 'win', hence you take every opportunity to improve our products and way of working. You are a teamplayer and know how to come to the best solutions, together with your colleagues.

Furthermore, you:

  • Have a high degree of analytical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Have experience with user experience and interface design

  • You have technical knowledge and experience (foundation)

  • Have completed a bachelor in Industrial Design, ICT & Media Design or comparable

Apply today!

We want to know who you are! Would you like to know more about the application process? Check out our jobs page here.